UN-Business Partnerships

Innovative partnerships with business and civil society have become a common phenomenon at the United Nations in recent years. A range of UN entities across the system now collaborate with the private sector in various capacities. The Global Compact Office is working to strengthen the UN system in its efforts to engage business – including by convening annual UN System Private Sector Focal Points Meetings and the publication of The UN-Business Focal Point, a quarterly e-newsletter designed to enhance communication and collaboration among UN staff working with business.

The Global Compact also contributes to the development of UN policies and practices in the area of business partnerships by developing the Secretary-General’s Reports to the General Assembly under the item “Towards Global Partnerships”.

Finally, the Global Compact supports the work of the UN in its efforts to internalise the ten principles into the Organization’s operations. The positive contribution of responsible business practices to society is now widely recognized and the Global Compact Office will continue to explore ways and means to enhance UN/Business partnerships across the Organization.

UN-Business Focal Point

A quarterly e-newsletter designed to enhance communication and collaboration among UN staff working with the private sector. The UN-Business Focal Point promotes sharing of best practices and lessons on partnership activities across the UN system. It is produced by the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact Office.

UN-Business Partnership Gateway

The UN-Business Partnership Gateway was designed to support and facilitate collaboration between the United Nations and the private sector. The site provides a wealth of inspiration/information and a useful matching function designed to better link UN needs with the resources of businesses around the world. Companies and UN organizations alike can use the site to describe their partnership interests and begin the partnership exploration process

UN Private Sector Forum 2011

The UN Private Sector Forum 2011 focused on the role of the private sector in supporting the Secretary-General’s strategy on Sustainable Energy for All. This strategy engages Governments, the private sector, and civil society partners to achieve three major goals by 2030:

1.Achieving universal access to modern energy services.
2.Improving energy efficiency.
3.Increasing the share of energy generated from renewable resources.

Hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Private Sector Forum featured high-level roundtable discussions among business, Government, civil society and UN leaders. It was designed to maximize interaction, increase understanding of efforts underway and generate a range of commitments to action around the Sustainable Energy for All goals.

Find the following documents: AgendaMeeting ReportParticipant ListCommitments.

For more information on the Forum itself, themes for discussion, organising partners, news and additional background information, please click here.

Guidance Materials

The Global Compact and the UN offer various guidance materials, which can be found here.

For information on meetings and events, as well as the reports pursuant there, please visit thispage.

Finally, for UN Reports and Resolutions on this issue direct your attention to this section.


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