Join the UN Global Compact

As a voluntary initiative, the Global Compact seeks wide participation from a diverse group of businesses and other organisations. To participate in the Global Compact, an organisation must prepare a Letter of Commitment from the Chief Executive Officer (and endorsed by the board) to the UN Secretary-General expressing support for the Global Compact and its principles.

The Global Compact provides templates that organisations may use for this letter:

  • For business participants – Download PDF
  • For non-business participants – Download PDF

The organisation must then complete the Online Application Form and upload a digital copy of the Letter of Commitment:

Once a signatory to the UN Global Compact, organisations are expected to:

  • set in motion changes to their operations so that the Global Compact and its principles
  • publicly advocate the Global Compact and its principles via communications vehicles such as press releases, speeches, etc.; and
  • business participants must publish an annual Communication on Progress (COP) that describes the ways in which the business supports the Global Compact and its 10 principles.

Signatories of the UN Global Compact are also eligible to register as participants in the local network. Learn how to join Global Compact Network Romania.

For more information on how to participate in the UN Global Compact visit the UNGC website.


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