Global Compact Network Romania

Through a Letter of Intent sent on April 17th, 2014 by the United Nations Global Compact Office in New York and signed by Mr. Walid Nagy, Head of Local Networks, The CSR Agency received a mandate to work on establishing a Global Compact local network in Romania (GCRo).

dragos tutaIn a poor context that doesn’t support sustainability, companies can’t develop effectively. The majority of multinational companies with Romanian branches that now lead the economic development of the country are already signatories of the Global Compact’s Ten Principles. We welcome them in this effort to ensure together the sustainability of the local economic environment.

Dragoș Tuță, Executive Director Global Compact Network Romania

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13 months, 22 participants and several dedicated partners later, the Global Compact Network Romania was officially launched on May 15th, 2015. 

Governance & Steering Committee

The governance documents of Global Compact Network Romania are:

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Governance Structure

At the beginning, the 22 founding participants elected the 7 members of the Steering Committee, chaired by Mrs Mariana Gheorghe, CEO – OMV Petrom, the first Representative of the Global Compact Network Romania. In July 2017, Global Compact Network Romania has elected a new Steering Committee. Costinela Dragăn, Sustainability&Communications Manager of KMG International (Rompetrol Group), became the new president. See the up-dated structure of the Steering Committee.

Costinela_Dragan_președintele_GCNRoHow many of us think about the quality of water our grandchildren will be drinking? Without this profound care for our future generations we cannot talk about sustainability and global change. The current global movements – UN SDG, Paris Agreement, Expo Astana, on the issues of climate change, sustainable energy, the need to preserve the biodiversity etc. extend our paradigm of thinking and push towards concrete actions. At corporate level our approach to sustainable development integrates both risks and opportunities related to refinery operations, trading, retail, supply chain, in tight relation with the national and international legislation and best practices, in order to achieve safety and profitability for stakeholders. On the medium and long run, KMG International aims to enter the top quartile of sustainable oil & gas companies by 2020 and provide access to energy while reducing CO2 emissions.

Costinela Drăgan, Sustainability&Communications Manager KMG International (Rompetrol Group)

Florina Serban - Telekom Romania

A world in which digitization takes place at a dizzying pace, is a special challenge of adaptability for sustainability, in redefining its concepts and limits before they become outdated.

Florina Șerban, Senior Coordinator Internal Communication, Corporate Events&Corporate Responsibility Telekom Romania

valer-hancasWe signed Kaufland into the Global Compact program because the principles of these two entities are largely the same, and I am glad to be part of a network where members from different industries have common visions: implementing, respecting and promoting sustainable development principles and objectives . By looking at the composition of the network, I think we can become one of the most powerful and influential networks in Romania, but for this it is necessary to mobilize and involve all members.

Valer Hancaș, Corporate Affairs&Communication Manager Kaufland Romania

mona-nicoliciI strongly believe in professionals! A sustainable Romania is possible only with the support of as many specialists in non-financial reporting as possible, willing to contribute to the transparency of the Romanian business environment. I am convinced that the living standards of the Romanians will improve with the increase of the responsibility of the economic actors. Without their involvement, businesses haev no evidence of responsibility, and without public non-financial reports it is difficult to increase the level of awareness and involvement in sustainable development in our country.

Mona Nicolici, Sustainability Manager OMV Petrom S.A.

alessio-menegazzo-enel-roIn today’s fast moving and complex world we must multiply our impact and open up to truly tackle the world’s biggest challenges; companies are more and more accountable for the social consequences of their activities in a world where business and society deep interconnected. Environmental, social and economic sustainability needs to be in the center of modern corporate culture through a sustainable development system based on the creation of shared value, both inside and outside of companies. Creating Shared Value approach has to be in the heart of the business. The health of business is intrinsically linked to the health and resilience of the society we operate in; this is why our purpose is to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Alessio Menegazzo, Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Director Enel Romania


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